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What are the Advantages of Hall Sensors Over Ordinary Sensors?

10. 26, 2020

As a Latch Type Hall Sensor Factory, share with you. Hall sensor is a kind of sensor that can realize magnetoelectric conversion. They can detect magnetic field and its changes. Hall sensors have many advantages. They are firm in structure, small in size, long in life, easy to install, low in power consumption, high in frequency, resistant to vibration, and are not afraid of pollution or corrosion from dust, oil and salt spray. Hall switch devices have the advantages of no contact, clear output waveform, no jitter, and high position repeat accuracy.

Hall Effect Sensor

Hall Effect Sensor

The Hall sensor is based on the Hall effect. The Hall effect is produced by the free charge of a semiconductor by the Loren magnetic force of a magnetic field. It was discovered by the American physicist Hall in 1879. The Hall switch circuit is also called the Hall digital circuit, which consists of a voltage regulator, a Hall plate, a differential amplifier, a Schmitt trigger and an output stage. According to different functions, Hall sensors can be divided into Hall linear devices and Hall switch devices. The Hall linear devices output analog quantities, and the Hall switches output digital quantities, that is, pulse signals.

Application of Hall sensor

As a large type of proximity switch sensor, Hall sensor also has a very wide range of applications in life. The following editor will introduce some Hall sensor applications.

A Hall sensor is a sensor that generates an output voltage pulse when an alternating magnetic field passes. The amplitude of the pulse is determined by the field strength of the excitation magnetic field. Therefore, the Hall sensor does not require external power supply. These characteristics of the Hall sensor make it popular in more fields.

Hall sensors are generally used in electronic water meters, gas meters, electricity meters and remote meter reading systems; they are also used in the measurement of transmission speed in control equipment; there are also the rotation and speed control of brushless DC motors; Hall sensors are used in engineering It is used to measure rotation speed and other mechanical automation applications; Hall sensors are also useful in tachometers, speedometers, and other rotor-type measuring devices.

Hall sensors have a wide range of applications. In the measurement field, they can be used to measure magnetic fields, currents, displacements, pressures, vibrations, rotational speeds, etc. In the communications field, it can be used for amplifiers, oscillators, phase-sensitive detection, frequency mixing, frequency division, and microwave power measurement. In the field of automation technology, it can be used in brushless DC motors, speed sensing, position sensing, automatic counting, proximity switches, servo systems composed of Hall self-aligning machines and automatic electric drive systems.

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