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What are the differences between ordinary transformers and Hall Sensors?

01. 06, 2020

Traditional current and voltage transformers are special transformers that measure the current and voltage by using the principle of electromagnetic induction. China Hall Sensor uses the principle of the Hall effect to measure electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power, frequency, impedance, or waveform. Combining with photoelectric technology and digital technology can realize digital control of electrical parameters, which is the future development direction.

Hall current sensors can measure both DC and AC currents. Ordinary current transformers can only measure AC currents. Ordinary current transformers. When used, the secondary side cannot be opened and the Hall current sensor can be opened. The output voltage of the Hall current sensor is proportional to the magnitude of the current flowing through the primary side. The output polarity also changes when the direction of the current measurement changes. Therefore, AC and DC power can be measured, and there are no special requirements on the waveform. The applicable frequency range is also wide. Generally used in electronic circuits, such as inverters. The AC transformer can only measure AC, and the frequency must be the rated frequency. For example, the 50HZ transformer has a relatively large error when measuring 60HZ, and the output signal cannot directly enter the electronic detection circuit.

Micropower Hall Sensor China

Micropower Hall Sensor China

Other advantages of Hall sensors are:

High accuracy: The accuracy is better than 1% in the working temperature zone, which is suitable for any waveform measurement. The ordinary transformer is generally 3% to 5% accurate and suitable for 50HZ sine waveform.

Good linearity: better than 0.1%

Good dynamic performance: The response time is less than 1μs and the tracking speed di / dt is higher than 50A / μs. This excellent dynamic performance of the Hall sensor module provides a key foundation for improving the performance of modern control systems. Compared to this, the response time of ordinary transformers is 10-12ms. It can no longer meet the needs of the development of work control systems.

Wide operating frequency: The accuracy is 1% in the frequency range of 0-100KHZ. The accuracy is 0.5% in the frequency range of 0-5KHZ. In addition, the Hall sensor also has a small size. Light weight, high sensitivity, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability. This makes Hall sensors more and more applied in the industrial field, and the market space gradually increases.

As a Magnetic Switch China Supplier, what is the Hall sensor on your phone?

The use of electromagnetic effects is simply the principle of automatically closing the screen when the lid is closed with the notebook computer. The electromagnetic screen is used to automatically stop the screen when the lid is closed, but the phone uses a leather case.

Another role is to act as a compass when you navigate. Also through the principle of electromagnetic induction. When you use navigation, is your location's mark a small arrow? The Hall sensor is working.

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