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Hall Effect Switch Classification

10. 25, 2017

1, Unipolar Hall effect switch (digital output)

The unipolar Hall effect switch has a magnetic working threshold (Bop). If the Hall element is subjected to a magnetic flux density greater than the operating threshold, the output transistor will turn on; when the flux density falls below the operating threshold (Brp), the transistor turns off. The lag (Bhys) is the difference between the two thresholds (Bop-Brp). Even if there is external mechanical vibration and electrical noise, this built-in hysteresis page enables the net switch of output. The single-pole Hall effect digital output can be adapted to a variety of logic systems. These devices are ideal for use with simple magnetic bars or magnetic poles. Unipolar Hall switch it is the positive and negative will specify a magnetic pole will have a role in the application, should pay attention to the specific application of the magnetic pole of the installation, anti-will result in unipolar non-sensor output.

2, Bipolar Hall effect switch (digital output)

Bipolar Hall is also divided into bipolar polarity without latching Hall switch and bipolar latch type Hall switch. The bipolar Hall effect switch is normally open when the strength of the Antarctic magnetic field is sufficient and closed at the height of the Arctic magnetic field, but if the magnetic field is removed, it is random output, it may be open and possibly closed. The bipolar latch-type Hall-effect switch is normally open at the strength of the Antarctic magnetic field and is closed when the Arctic magnetic field is strong enough, but if the magnetic field is removed, the output state is not changed. These Hall-effect switches can be magnetically driven using a north-south alternating magnetic field and a multi-pole magnet.

3, Bipolar latch type Hall effect switch (digital output)

When placed in the n pole (or s pole) open, the magnetic field remains to remain open; and only when placed in the s pole (or n pole) will be closed, the magnetic field removed to keep its open or closed state, Until the next magnetic field changes. This type of Hall-effect switch, the bipolar latch-type Hall effect switch, is the latch-up feature that maintains the state of the last state.

Hall Switch

4, Total pole effect switch (digital output)

Unlike other Hall effect switches, these devices can be turned on as long as there is a sufficiently high Arctic or Antarctic magnetic field, and the output is turned off when there is no magnetic field.

5, Linear Hall effect sensor

IC (analog output) linear Hall effect sensor IC voltage output will accurately track changes in magnetic flux density. In the static (no magnetic field), theoretically, the output should be equal to half of the supply voltage in the operating voltage and operating temperature range. Increasing the Antarctic magnetic field will increase the voltage from its quiescent voltage. Instead, increasing the Arctic magnetic field will increase the voltage from its quiescent voltage. These components measure the angle, proximity, movement and magnetic flux of the current. They are able to reflect mechanical events in a magnetically driven manner.

6, Micro-power Hall effect switch (digital output)

With the popularity of mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops, DV and other portable devices, the requirements of the Hall IC power consumption, resulting in a large class of new Hall IC. It is a digital Hall IC by the power of a separate class, the internal use of sleep mechanism to reduce power consumption, the average power consumption can reach uA level. It can also be divided into single-level Hall IC function, lock-type Hall IC, and full-level Hall IC three categories. This type of system is generally used for battery long-term power supply.

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