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How to Choose the Accuracy of the Sensor?

02. 18, 2020

Is higher sensor accuracy better? Many people tend to choose high accuracy when choosing a sensor, but isn't it right? Accuracy is an important performance indicator of the sensor, and it is an important link related to the measurement accuracy of the entire measurement system. So it seems that selecting accuracy is a very important thing. The higher the accuracy of the sensor, the higher the price will be. Here, the better the more expensive the thing, then the higher the price of the sensor, the better? In fact, the choice of accuracy also depends on the situation. Hall IC China Factory will tell you today.

In fact, it is not necessary. For the accuracy of the sensor, it is not necessary to choose a suitable one. It does not have to be higher. It can meet the accuracy requirements of the entire measurement system. This can also meet the needs of many sensors for the same measurement purpose. 

Micropower Omnipolar Hall Sensor

Micropower Omnipolar Hall Sensor

When our measurement purpose is qualitative analysis, then it is not suitable to choose the one with high absolute value accuracy, and select Hall Sensor China with high repeat accuracy. When we are doing quantitative analysis, then we need accurate measurement values. At this time, we need to choose an accuracy level that can meet the requirements. Therefore, speaking a thousand words into one sentence can meet the requirements.

1. Judging from the gap voltage

The output voltage signal of the vibration sensor includes direct current and alternating current. Direct current corresponds to the average distance between the sensor and the probe, also known as the gap voltage. Alternating current corresponds to a vibration signal. If the gap voltage is normal, then AC is usually normal.

2.Changes in Momentum and Gap Voltage

If the relationship between the vibration value and the gap voltage is consistent with the probe characteristics (7.87V / mm), that is, greater than ± 0.5V, then the vibration measuring instrument is likely to malfunction. For example, when the vibration probe works normally, the vibration value / gap voltage is 20μm / 9.62 V, now the vibration value is 70μm / 8.62 V, the vibration value is increased by 50μm, and the gap voltage should be reduced by about 0.4V, which should not be less than 9.22 under normal circumstances V is at least 8.72V, so the vibration measuring instrument itself has problems.

3. Judging from the change trend of axial vibration and tile vibration

Although the ratio of axial vibration and tile vibration is large and small, under normal circumstances, the axial vibration and tile vibration should change synchronously.

4. Judging by the output waveform of axial vibration

If electromagnetic interference, the output waveform has a large glitch, in addition to the power frequency component, there are a large number of 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x multipliers.

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