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How to judge the quality of the linear sensor?

10. 17, 2019

  Modern Linear Hall Sensors vary widely in principle and structure. How to properly select displacement sensors according to specific measurement purposes, measurement objects and measurement environment is the first problem to be solved when performing a certain amount of measurement. When the displacement sensor is determined, the matching measurement method and measuring device can be determined. The success or failure of the measurement results depends to a large extent on whether the selection of the displacement sensor is reasonable. So how do you judge the displacement sensor as a Linear Sensor Factory?

  1. Determine the type of displacement sensor based on the measurement object and the measurement environment.

Linear Hall Sensors

Linear Hall Sensors

  To carry out a specific measurement work, we must first consider the principle of the displacement sensor, which needs to be analyzed after analyzing various factors. Because even if it is measuring the same physical quantity, there are many kinds of displacement sensors available. If the displacement sensor is more suitable, you need to consider the following specific problems according to the characteristics being measured and the operating conditions of the displacement sensor: Size; the position of the measured position on the displacement sensor; the measurement method is contact or non-contact; the signal extraction method, wired or non-contact measurement; the source of the displacement sensor, domestic or imported, the price can withstand, or self Developed.

  After considering the above problems, it is possible to determine which type of displacement sensor to use, and then consider the specific performance of the displacement sensor.

  2. the choice of sensitivity

  Generally, in the linear range of the displacement sensor, it is desirable that the sensitivity of the displacement sensor be as high as possible. Because only the sensitivity is high, the value of the output signal corresponding to the measured change is relatively large, which is beneficial to signal processing. However, it should be noted that the sensitivity of the displacement sensor is high, and the external noise that is not related to the measurement is easily mixed in, and is amplified by the amplification system, which affects the measurement accuracy. Therefore, the sensor itself should be required to have a high signal-to-noise ratio, and the plant disturbance signal introduced from the outside is reduced.

  The sensitivity of the displacement sensor is directional. When the measured is a single vector, and its directivity requirements are high, then other displacement sensors with less sensitivity should be selected; if the multi-dimensional vector is measured, the cross-sensitivity of the displacement sensor is required to be as small as possible.

  3. frequency response characteristics

  The frequency response characteristic of the displacement sensor determines the frequency range to be measured, and the measurement condition must be kept undistorted within the allowable frequency range. In fact, the response of the displacement sensor always has a constant delay, and it is desirable that the delay time is as short as possible.

  The frequency response of the displacement sensor is high, and the measurable signal frequency range is wide. Due to the structural characteristics, the inertia of the mechanical system is large, and the frequency of the signal can be measured due to the low frequency displacement sensor. In dynamic measurement, the response characteristics should be based on the characteristics of the signal (steady state, transient, random, etc.) to avoid over-fire error.

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