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Do you know Hall Effect Sensor?

12. 24, 2019

The Hall sensor is a magnetic field sensor based on the Hall effect. Hall Effect IC is a type of magnetoelectric effect. It is a transducer that converts a changing magnetic field into a change in output voltage. Hall sensors are first used to measure magnetic fields. In addition, they can measure physical quantities that generate and affect magnetic fields. For example, they are used in proximity switches, Hall, position measurement, rotational speed measurement, and current measurement equipment.

In its simplest form, the sensor acts as an analog transducer and returns a voltage directly. Under a known magnetic field, its distance from the Hall plate can be set. Using multiple sets of sensors, the relevant position of the magnet can be inferred. The current passing through the conductor generates a magnetic field that changes with the current, and the Hall effect sensor can measure the current without disturbing the current. The typical configuration is to integrate it with the winding core or the permanent magnet next to the conductor under test. 

Hall Effect Sensor

Hall Effect Sensor

The Hall Effect Sensor is usually connected to the circuit, allowing the device to operate in digital (on / off) mode, which in this case can be called a switch. Common equipment in the industry, such as air cylinders, is also used in everyday equipment, such as some printers use them to monitor for lack of paper and open lids. When the keyboard is required to have high reliability, Hall sensors are also designed in its keys.

Hall-effect sensors are often used to measure the speed of wheels and axles, for example on the ignition timing (timing) of an internal combustion engine or on a tachometer. Its use in brushless DC motors is used to detect the position of permanent magnets. The wheel in the picture has two equally spaced magnets. The voltage on the sensor will peak twice in a cycle. This setting is usually used to calibrate the speed of the disk drive.

This phenomenon was discovered by Hall (A.H. Hall, 1855-1938) in 1879 while studying the conductive mechanism of metal. Later, it was found that semiconductors, conductive fluids, etc. also have this effect, and the Hall effect of semiconductors is much stronger than that of metals. Various Hall elements made using this phenomenon are widely used in industrial automation technology, detection technology and information processing. aspect. The Hall effect is the basic method for studying the properties of semiconductor materials. The Hall coefficient measured by the Hall effect experiment can judge important parameters such as the conductivity type, carrier concentration, and carrier mobility of semiconductor materials.

Hall sensor is the third-ranked sensor product in the world. It is widely used in industrial, automotive, computer, mobile phone and emerging consumer electronics fields.

In the next few years, as more and more automotive electronics and industrial design companies move to China, the annual sales of Hall sensors in the Chinese market will maintain a rapid growth of 20% to 30%. We are Micropower Hall Effect Sensor Manufacturer, welcome to consult.

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