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How To Distinguish Between Linear And Switched Hall Sensors?

01. 24, 2019

The Hall IC is divided into two types: linear type and switch type. The output characteristics of the two types of Hall are different. The function of each output pin should be distinguished during detection.

(1) For the linear Hall power supply and the ground ends with 5V DC voltage, the multimeter red and black test leads are respectively connected to the output end and the common ground. Without any magnetic field, the pointer does not move. When the magnetic steel is gradually approached, The pointer gradually deflects and gradually rises, and the amount of pointer deflection is related to the strength of the magnetic field.

The Linear Hall Sensor is used for speed control on electric bicycles.

(2) Switch-type Hall is characterized by switching characteristics, only on and off, no pointer rises and falls, the magnetic field S is strong enough, Hall is turned on, and the magnetic field has two results: 1 Latch Hall Switch IC is still in the on state after the magnetic field is removed. Only when the phase N pole appears, the Hall is turned off. 2 The non-latching Hall is turned on when the magnetic field strength is sufficient, and is cut off when the magnetic field is gone. .

The former measures the position of the magnetic field for the brushless motor, and the latter is used for the mechanism such as the brake power-off switch and the false assist force, and the vehicle mileage speed sensor.

The switch type Hall is also divided into three types: normally open type, normally closed type, and bistable output.

(3) A magnetic steel and a multimeter should be prepared during the test, set in the DC 5^-10V file, the red pen is connected to the output pin, and the black test pen is grounded.

For Linear Sensor, when the magnetic steel is close, the output voltage will gradually rise or fall, indicating that the foot is connected correctly; if there is no output, you can change the pin and try again. If several changes are not made, the Hall damage is invalid. .

If the magnetic steel is close to the Hall sensor, the pointer of the multimeter is immediately moved into position, and does not change gradually with the approach and distance of the magnetic steel, even after the removal of the magnetic steel, only when the other side of the magnetic steel is close. The change indicates that the Hall sensor is a switch type and is a latch type, which is a position sensor of the brushless motor.

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