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What Should you Know About Hall Sensors?

01. 05, 2021

As a Latch Type Hall Sensor Factory, share with you.

Hall sensor is the third-ranked sensor product in the world. It is widely used in industry, automobile industry, computers, mobile phones and emerging consumer electronics fields. In the next few years, as more and more automotive electronics and industrial design companies move to In China, the annual sales of Hall sensors in the Chinese market will maintain a rapid growth of 20% to 30%. At the same time, the related technologies of Hall sensors are still being improved. Programmable Hall sensors and intelligent Hall sensors And the miniature Hall sensor will have a better market prospect.

Omnipolar Micropower Hall Effect Sensor

Omnipolar Micropower Hall Effect Sensor

The Hall sensor is a magnetic field sensor made according to the Hall effect. It is widely used in industrial automation technology, detection technology and information processing. The Hall coefficient measured by the Hall effect experiment can determine the conductivity type of semiconductor materials, Important parameters such as carrier concentration and carrier mobility. Because the potential difference generated by the Hall element is very small, the Hall element, amplifier circuit, temperature compensation circuit, and stabilized power supply circuit are usually integrated on a chip. It is a Hall sensor. Hall sensor is also called Hall integrated circuit, and its appearance is small

Many people know that the higher the degree of automation in cars and the more microelectronic circuits, the more afraid of electromagnetic interference. However, there are many lamps and electrical devices in automobiles, especially the high-power headlamps, air-conditioning motors, and wiper motors that will generate surge currents when they are switched on and off, which will cause arcing on the mechanical switch contacts and cause greater electromagnetic interference. Signal, using power Hall switch circuit can reduce these phenomena. The Hall device detects changes in the magnetic field and converts it into electrical signal output, which can be used to monitor and measure changes in the operating parameters of various parts of the car, such as position, displacement, angle, angular velocity, rotational speed, etc., and can perform secondary transformations on these variables; Can measure pressure, quality, liquid level, flow rate, flow, etc. The output of the Hall device is directly interfaced with the electronic control unit, which can realize automatic detection. The current Hall devices can withstand a certain vibration, and can work in the range of minus 40℃ to above 150℃, all sealed and free from water and oil pollution , It can fully adapt to the harsh working environment of automobiles. Hall sensors can measure current and voltage of arbitrary waveforms, such as: DC, AC, pulse waveforms, etc., and even measure transient peaks.

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