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How is Hall Effect Sensor Applied in Measuring Car Speed?

03. 23, 2020

As a Micropower Hall Effect Sensor Manufacturer, let me share with you the application of Hall Effect Sensor in measuring car speed.

Micropower Omnipolar Hall Sensor

Micropower Omnipolar Hall Sensor

Hall-type speed sensor: Hall Effect Sensor is very special in automotive applications. This is mainly due to the conflict in the position of the space around the transmission. Hall-effect sensors are solid-state sensors. They are mainly used in crankshaft angles and camshaft positions. Switch ignition and fuel injection circuit trigger, it is also used in other computer circuits that need to control the position and speed of rotating parts.

Hall effect sensor or switch, consisting of an almost completely closed magnetic circuit containing a permanent magnet and a magnetic pole part. A soft magnet blade rotor passes through the air gap between the magnet and the pole. A window on the blade rotor allows the magnetic field to be unaffected It passes through and reaches the Hall effect sensor, and the part without the window interrupts the magnetic field. Therefore, the role of the blade rotor window is to switch the magnetic field, so that the Hall effect is turned on or off like a switch. The reason why effect sensors and other similar electronic devices are called Hall switches is that this component is actually a switching device, and its key functional component is a Hall effect sensor.

Hall-type speed sensor on the car, a signal disk is embedded in the wheel bearing on the vehicle side to rotate with the wheel, and a Hall-type speed sensor is installed at the signal plate on the outside of the bearing. Some of the calculated tire pressure monitoring results from detecting wheel speed changes during driving.

Some Hall-type wheel speed sensors integrate multiple Hall elements with higher sensitivity, which can monitor the speed and detect the direction of rotation. The crankshaft position sensor also uses this method to detect the position of the crankshaft, so that the crankshaft's reverse rotation has been monitored when the flame is off, and the time is faster when it is restarted (mostly when it is started and stopped). Early, including now, there is also a window glass lift using Hall The sensor detects the position of the glass window by detecting the number of rotations of the motor and the current, and prevents the pinch. Now, due to the advancement of the control module, it can only monitor the current and identify the position to prevent pinch.

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