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Do you know how to Protect the Sensor from Moisture?

03. 17, 2020

As a Linear Hall IC Supplier, share with you. As a precise detection device, if the sensor is wet, it will be troublesome. The sensor's damp will affect its accuracy and stability, and it will cause serious failure. If the sensor is used in more important places, it will cause losses. It's pretty bad. In 2008, there was an aircraft crash caused by a sensor being wet. The information obtained by the sensor was deviated from the trajectory. The aircraft was affected by the wrong information of the sensor. The flight speed and elevation angle were wrong, causing the aircraft to get out of control. It is obvious that Hall Sensor China is moisture-proof, so how to prevent moisture?

Linear Hall IC

Linear Hall IC

1. Encapsulate the resistance strain gauge, that is, cover the strain gauge with a waterproof material;

2. To control the environment or create a low humidity environment, it is necessary to prevent moisture from entering the sealed load sensor;

Third, it is necessary to ensure a high-quality composite waterproof seal, which keeps the elements of the sensor unaffected and has minimal permeability at the entire operating temperature. The high-quality sensor cable tightly combines the conductor and the housing to prevent moisture from entering the interior through the cable core.

Fourth, if it is a welding seal, glass and metal cable joints are sometimes effective. The moisture resistance of the sensors after these treatments is assured.

Now many sensors are also used in water, so it is even more necessary to prevent moisture, to improve the seal of the sensor and prevent moisture.

Next, how do you test the temperature error of the sensor? The temperature error here refers to a relatively large error, which can be ignored when used at a room temperature of 20 ± 5 ° C. When used under a large change in ambient temperature, the temperature error must be tested. Then the problem comes Now, how to test it?

1. Choose the temperature scale equipment according to the temperature scale test requirements;

2. Perform 2-3 high and low temperature cycles and displacement cycles on sensors, brackets, and transmission rods. The purpose is to eliminate installation gaps and residual stresses;

3. Measure the temperature deformation of the temperature scale bracket and the displacement transmission rod in order to provide a correction amount for the temperature error of the calibrated sensor. The method is: in the place of the original sensor, a low-expansion alloy rod of equal length is used for replacement, and the displacement given device is replaced with a displacement sensor. In this way, the temperature deformation of the temperature scale bracket and the transmission rod can be directly measured by the displacement sensor;

Fourth, the sensor temperature test. First make a displacement test at room temperature, and then when the temperature is changed to a predetermined value, the displacement is calibrated after a constant temperature for one hour.

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