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Can Hall IC Replace the Reed Switch?

04. 20, 2020

As a Latch Type Hall Sensor Factory, share with you.

1. What is a reed switch?

Reed switch, also known as reed switch or reed switch, is a special switch with magnetic sensitivity, and is the main component of reed switch and proximity switch. The reed switch is usually made of two soft magnetic materials, and the metal reed contacts that are disconnected when there is no magnet, and some have a third reed as a normally closed contact. These reed contacts are encapsulated in a glass tube filled with inert gas or vacuum. The top ends of the parallel packaged reeds in the glass tube overlap with a certain gap or contact with each other to form a normally open or normally closed contact of the switch.

Micropower Omnipolar Hall Sensor

Micropower Omnipolar Hall Sensor

2. What is Hall IC?

Hall element is a semiconductor that uses the Hall effect. It is a magnetic sensor based on the Hall effect. They can detect the magnetic field and its changes, and can be used in various occasions related to the magnetic field. When the lines of magnetic force perpendicularly pass through the plane of the energized semiconductor, an induced voltage will be formed on the two end surfaces of the semiconductor parallel to the current, and the magnitude of the induced voltage is proportional to the current and magnetic field strength.

3. Can the Hall element replace the reed switch?

With the development of sensor technology, the application of Hall effect sensors is becoming more and more widely used in current detection, speed detection, position detection, magnetic detection, etc., and there is a tendency to gradually replace the reed switch. In the application, whether to choose a reed switch or a Hall effect sensor, we compare them here.

The reed switch is a mechanical magnetic sensitive switch, a passive device. Its working principle is to magnetize its reed, so that it can be turned on and off to achieve the effect of a switch. But because it is a contact switch, its working life is limited, and it is easily damaged during transportation and installation. The contacts and reeds of reed switches are quite small and delicate, so they are difficult to withstand high voltages or large currents. When the current is too large, the reed will lose its elasticity due to overheating. That is, the switch capacity is small, the contact is prone to jitter and the contact resistance is large. Because the reed switch is quite fragile, if the lead wire is soldered to a thicker device, it is easy to break the glass and seal. If you need to bend the lead line, you need to select the bending point of the lead line appropriately.

Hall elements are electronic magnetic sensitive devices and active devices. Its output form has switch type and linear. Use magnetic field and Hall effect to achieve the purpose of contactless control. Since the Hall element itself is a chip, its working life is theoretically unlimited. And the Hall switch device has no contact point, no wear, clear output waveform, no jitter, no rebound, high position repeat accuracy, and various compensation and protection measures are adopted.

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