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What is the Structure and Main Function of On Off Magnetic Latches?

04. 26, 2020

As a On Off Magnetic Latches Supplier, share with you. Electromagnetic switch, a switching device controlled by electromagnetic. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, when a current is passed to a conductor, its coil will generate a corresponding magnetic field; at the same time, the conductor in the magnetic field is subjected to ampere force to produce directional movement. Thus, the working scene of the electromagnetic switch is constituted. The structural principle diagram as shown below, the electromagnetic switch is composed of electromagnetic induction parts: 5 suction coils, 6 holding coils, 7 coil skeletons, 9 guide sleeves, directional movement parts: 10 moving iron cores, 3 moving contact pieces, 4 static iron cores and devices Structural parts: 2 contact screw, 1 switch cover, 8 switch housing.

The electromagnetic switch is mainly composed of an electromagnet mechanism and a motor switch.

The electromagnet mechanism is composed of fixed iron core, movable iron core, suction coil and holding coil. The fixed iron core is fixed, and the movable iron core can be moved axially in the copper sleeve. A push rod is fixed at the front end of the movable iron core, and a switch contact plate is installed at the front end of the push rod. The rear section of the movable iron core is connected to the shift fork with an adjusting screw and a connecting pin. A reset spring is installed on the outside of the copper sleeve, and its function is to reset the movable iron core and other movable parts. Many people now use On Off Magnetic Latches.

Electromagnetic switch structure and main function

The structure and working principle of the electromagnetic switch. The electromagnetic switch is mainly composed of a suction coil, a holding coil, a movable iron core, and a contact disk. Among them, the suction coil is connected in series with the motor, and the coil is connected in parallel with the motor, and the iron is directly connected. The movable iron core-end controls the conduction of the main circuit through the contact disk;

The other end controls the meshing of the drive gear through the shift fork 11. There are three terminals on the electromagnetic switch of the starter: the main terminal, the starting terminal, and the additional short circuit terminal of the ignition coil.

The main function of electromagnetic switch:

As a mechanism to connect or disconnect the circuit between the battery and the starter.

(1) During the connection process, the switch coil is energized to generate electromagnetic suction, which moves the moving iron core. On the one hand, the fork is pulled to move the starter drive pinion forward to mesh with the engine flywheel ring gear. On the other hand, the moving contact piece is pushed. The moving contact piece and the contact screw contact are connected, the circuit between the battery and the starter is connected, and the DC motor is energized to run, thereby driving the engine to start.

(2) During the disconnection process, the main circuit is disconnected while the starter drive pinion gear is disengaged from the flywheel ring gear and retracted smoothly.

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